Lynda Diamond was raised in Los Angeles and schooled as a scholarship student at the San Francisco Art Institute, where she received her BFA in painting. Lynda then made her way to New York City, where she established herself as a hat designer and opened a retail store to help pay the bills while continuing to develop her paintings. The hat business flourished, and eventually Lynda chose to leave the world of design in favour of her true passion: classical oil painting. Yearning to live a life closer to nature, and with less stress, Lynda moved to Nova Scotia, where her work is now her painting and teaching.

Lynda’s inspiration in her painting is the work of the great masters. She studied their techniques while in New York, and later was privileged to spend time in the studio of the “new old master,” Odd Nerdrum, in Norway. With Odd, she learned many of the techniques she now uses in her own work, from classical oil painting styles to how to make her own personal paints.