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PatOddFaytheAunt Fern and Roxie Red Boat EnteringTogethernessMetaphysics in GreyDarkness Under the LightWinter in Nova Scotia Study for Spring Home  The Expulsion of Adam and Eve (detail) Spring Reflections Leda and the Swan LilithAutumn LeavesThe Marriage of Da Vinci and Van GoghEverything is One Blandford Sunset The Expulsion of Adam and Eve Self Portrait with White HairAdam, Eve and DollyBirch Tree Boogie Woogie Fall Parade  Wolf Moon Sunrise Resolution The End is the Beginning Spring Reflections Melon Moon over Mill Cove L'Anse-aux-Meadows Ménage à Fruits Levitating Apple Self-Portrait Study Self-Portrait in New York City Self-Portrait with Winter HatUntitledsmaller.png Self-Portrait after Breakup Red barn at L’Anse aux Meadows Study for Adam and Eve Twilight Woman with RoosterStudy of Apple Illuminated Hat  Flowers in Grey Flowers against Aqua Malcolm's House Northwest Cove