“Lynda is one of the best teachers, of any subject, I have ever had the honour of working with. She has an exceptionally keen eye for colour and light; extraordinary powers of explanation; and never-waning patience and passion – both for the art of painting and for her students’ success. Learning about oil painting from Lynda has helped me in life as well as in art, and I believe the skills, discipline and enhanced understanding I’ve taken from her classes are invaluable. Don’t worry about whether or not you (think) you have talent or experience; Lynda will teach you how to see an image and paint it on the strength of passion and hard work. I’m definitely a convert to the ‘Lynda Diamond school of painting,’ and I encourage anyone who’s ever harboured dreams of creating beautiful paintings to try Lynda’s classes. You won’t regret it, and you’ll probably find you won’t be able to stop.”
Amy Donovan, 25,  creative writing Master of Fine Arts Student, Columbia University; Parks Canada, student


“Lynda is the first teacher who taught me the true basics of painting, as practiced by classic artists. I learned so much theory, which when implemented in my painting, worked wonders. She also worked hard to help me find my personal style; an invaluable process. Her classes are joyful, lots of laughter and sometimes bursts of excitement when a student overcomes an obstacle. Lynda is a gifted painter and teacher both.” 
Lindsay Brown, 48, Editor, student
“Lynda Diamond has tools for students who are serious about exploring their talent and learning how to work with oils.” 
Mary MacInnis, 62, Accountant, student


“Lynda is a caring and inspiring teacher, as well as a fine artist. I was nervous about starting the class, as I thought it would be intimidating, but just the opposite. Great fun! Great learning. Have even sold some paintings.”
Lydia Early, 50, retired Lawyer, student


“I was a student of Lynda Diamond for two thirteen week sessions. Prior to joining her classes I had dabbled in oil painting over many years but never had committed myself to it, starting and stopping as I moved around. Now that I had a little more continuous time I was looking for classes which would combine theory with practical application as I like to understand what I am doing, how to do it  and why. I am not a particularly creative person so I needed help to stir up my imagination, help me by showing me how effects are accomplished, yet at the same time not doing the painting for me. To get this combination is difficult.
“Lynda’s classes provided what I thought I needed and I felt I learned a lot in the sessions that I took. The group that I encountered during my sessions was a mixed and very interesting group both from the perspective of the different personalities but more importantly from the perspective of the difference in the style of their painting and the subjects each chose to paint. Lynda could cope with all. I particularly liked her approach using the techniques of the Old Masters which stimulated me to read a lot more about Art History which is fascinating.
“Lynda’s classes provides an all round education in many aspects of art, both its history and the application of paint to the canvas while guiding the student and encouraging them to take chances with their approach and still keep a friendly and fun atmosphere in the classroom.”
Tess McGrath,65,  retired Doctor,  student


“Lynda Diamond has been an inspiration. Lynda is quirky (in a good way) with  fun sense of humour and a passion for art. I find Lynda to be knowledgeable in both the practical and academic application. Lynda offers constructive critiques of the work, balanced with encouragement and support.
“I was a novice when I met Lynda. The ‘apple’ was my first painting, then I was sold! It was evident to me that Lynda knew her stuff. I have been hooked on painting and creating art since that day. Lynda has been my instructor for two years; today, I have the confidence to tackle large scale pieces as well as experimenting with a variety of styles.
“I’ve developed confidence in my painting skills, mixing colour and challenging my comfort zone to produce rewarding results. I feel this would not have happened without Lynda Diamond.”
B. B., 59, Finance, student